Personal Injury Lawsuit Cases Awarded

We strive to put forth our best efforts for our clients.  This includes keeping our client’s information in strict confidence, including their names.  As such, we are not able to include their names in the following partial list of very recent case results.  Keep in mind that the results of the cases below do not guarantee, warrant, or predict the result of your individual case.

1) $2,950,000.00 for a client who broke her hip and had a two-level disk replacement in her low back due to being struck by a vehicle while in the cross-walk.

2) $124,500.00 for a client who injured his rotator cuff after slipping and falling down outdoor stairs which did not have slip resistant tape at the edge of each step.  Since our client was working at the time of his incident, we were able to have his workers compensation insurance carrier pay for all of his medical bills and waive their rights of reimbursement against the third party settlement.

3)  $70,000.00 for a client who was bit in the hand by a dog.

4)  $250,000.00 for a client who broke his wrist after being thrown out of his wheelchair due to the negligent driving of the bus operator.

5)  $100,000.00 for clients who sustained smoke inhalation injuries in a home fire.  It was argued that the injuries could have been avoided had the owner not violated certain building codes.

6)  $133,333.00 policy limits for clients in partial settlement resulting from a fatal car accident to their father/son.

7)  $216,500.00 for a client who was knocked over by a dog who was running around at large in the neighborhood.  Client broke her hip and required surgery.

Since our clients have problems other than personal injury matters, they often times contact us for our representation in other areas of law.  We always attempt to help our existing clients and the following is a partial list of results that we have obtained in other areas of law.

8)  $50,000.00 for our clients against the buyers who breached a certain real estate contract.

9)  $100,000.00 for a client against his employer for breaching a written employment contract.

10)  Successfully defended individuals who were alleged to have breached a contract.  The case ended in a dismissal of the action.

11)  Successfully defended a corporation who was alleged to have improperly installed windows in a home.  The case ended in a dismissal of the action.

12)  In eight months, we successfully probated an estate on behalf of our client (executor) and placed in the hands of the beneficiaries the estate funds in excess of $1,500,000.00.

13) Our client was charged with a misdemeanor DUI above .08.  We were able to successfully reduce the charge to a mere infraction.  This not only saved our client thousands of dollars in fines and penalties, but also provided a savings in future insurance premiums.

14) $200,000 for a client who fell down two steps due to improper lighting and broke her ankle.

15) $216,500 for client as a result of a dog who jumped on her and knocked her down as she was walking to her mailbox.

16)  $100,000 policy limits for a client who broke his toe and thumb in an automobile accident.