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Are Street Lights Required to Make A Street Safe?

First, the city is liable to the public if there exists a dangerous, as opposed to a trivial, defect on its property and either the defect was caused by an employee of the city or the city was aware of … Read More »

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Dog Bite Liability vs. Other Animal Liability

Domestic pets are very common in California.  What if one a pet injures a person in a home or out on the street.  Is the owner liable?  The answer depends on the type of animal that bit or attacked the … Read More »

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Is Medical Payments A Necessary Coverage?

Medical Payments, also known as simply med-pay, is coverage on the automobile policy where the automobile insurance company will pay for all reasonable medical expenses incurred following an accident up to the coverage amount.  For example, if the medical payments on … Read More »

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Is Collision Coverage Necessary?

Collision coverage pays for the damages to your vehicle regardless of who was at fault for the accident.  If the other party is at fault and uninsured, then good luck trying to collect against that individual.  In this circumstance, it … Read More »

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Top Five Motorcycle Laws You Should Know

1.  Motorcycles can drive in Carpool Lanes pursuant to Calif. Vehicle Code 21655.5(b) and 21712(h). 2.  When parking, one wheel must be touching the curb pursuant to Calif. Vehicle Code 22502(a). 3.  Lane sharing is not addressed in the vehicle … Read More »

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Ventura County Personal Injury Lawyer – Conejo Valley Personal Injury Law Firm

Ventura County Personal Injury Attorney The Law Offices of Stuart Sherman is a personal injury law firm that provides legal representation to individuals located throughout Ventura County, San Fernando Valley, and the Conejo Valley. For over 20 years our law firm … Read More »

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